Future Green Consulting – what we do

 The future belongs to green businesses. However, many companies lack the expertise to create a credible, measurable and holistic sustainability programme.

Future Green Consulting can put you on a greener path. We have the skills and experience to help you implement best practices and integrate sustainability throughout your operations. We do this in a way that will enhance your brand, improving your competitive edge and long-term business prospects.

As an evolution of Food Made Good HK – the local food industry’s most authoritative sustainability voice – Future Green draws on unrivalled credibility and experience that is relevant to any business and brings food sustainability to a wider audience.

Our mission:

to enable any company that serves food to make its business greener, less polluting and more restorative by implementing best practices.

Our vision:

the future of business is green. We believe that transitioning to a genuinely sustainable business model is both good for the planet and profitability.

Our values:

Credible: Talk is cheap and greenwashing will ultimately backfire and harm your brand. We are committed to genuine, ethical sustainability that delivers measurable results.

Optimistic: though deeply concerned about a host of global environmental problems, we believe that the solutions are at hand to offset and reverse these.

Passionate: We love what we do and that passion drives us to work harder and aim higher.

Progressive: the sustainability sector is rapidly evolving. We stay up to date with the latest industry trends, ideas and innovations.

Rigorous: our systematic approach begins with a full sustainability audit, then a path forward based on international best practices and our own proven methodologies.