is a Sustainability Consultancy with a focus on food that supports the F&B and retail sector in anticipating and taking action on future challenges.

Our membership programme is one of the ways we continue to support the long-term needs of our clients. A chapter of the UK’s Sustainable Restaurant Association, Food Made Good Hong Kong is dedicated to making every meal served out of home as sustainable as possible. Members are supported and inspired to fulfill this mission through a programme of assessments, campaigns and awards.


In 2019, 71% of Hong Kong’s waste was sent to landfill, averaging 15,637 tonnes per day. 30% came from food (3,353 tonnes daily), 21% came from plastics (1,073 tonnes disposed daily by the commercial and industrial sector alone).

Environmental Protection Department, Monitoring of Solid Waste in Hong Kong 2019



Food losses and waste amounts to roughly US$680 billion in industrialized countries


Every year, Hong Kong disposes of

  • 3.6bn Plastic Bags 61% 61%
  • 1.9bn Plastic Bottles 32% 32%
  • 1.08bn Plastic Straws 25% 25%
  • 760m Coffee Cups 17% 17%



The 330m tonnes of meat and 812 tonnes of dairy produced globally each year accounts for 60% of farming’s GHG emissions.

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Our membership:

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Our food sustainability awards

The Food Made Good Awards are the culmination of a year of ambitious progress and innovative change across our membership. Our awards are inspired by our 10 core focus areas within our framework.

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Food Made Good is helping more and more restaurants operate sustainably so that diners have more choice when it comes to spending consciously. See which restaurants near you are working to source, cook and serve food in a planet-friendly way.


May 2021 – Source Fish Responsibly

May 2021 – Source Fish Responsibly

THEME SOURCE FISH RESPONSIBLY  Join us at Alibi - Wine Dine Be Social for a socially distanced, Sustainability Breakfast on Tuesday, 18 May 2021! At the fifth meet-up of the year, we are inviting James Oakley, Chef De Cuisine at Alibi - Wine Dine Be Social, Richard...

April 2021 – Celebrate Local and Seasonal

April 2021 – Celebrate Local and Seasonal

THEME CELEBRATE LOCAL AND SEASONAL Food sourcing can have a surprisingly large impact on the environment and influence on human health. Join Food Made Good HK for sustainable cocktails at The Mira Hong Kong where we will be focusing on how businesses can positively...

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Does homegrown, organic seafood really exist in Hong Kong?

Does homegrown, organic seafood really exist in Hong Kong?

A fish farm using a network of floating balls to hold the nets together. Credit: HKOrganicaa    Why do we need aquaculture? According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), roughly 32% of world fish stocks are overexploited, meaning that...

Landlord-Tenant Engagement Programme: Ricardo Chaneton, MONO

Landlord-Tenant Engagement Programme: Ricardo Chaneton, MONO

By Samantha Lees When it comes to tackling sustainability challenges in the food industry, landlord engagement might not be the first thing that comes to mind for most. Yet here at Food Made Good, we’ve been working with Henderson Land Group, one of the largest real...

I’ve been aware of what Food Made Good has been doing in other parts of the world for some time now, so I am extremely excited to be part of the movement in Hong Kong. I am looking forward to being inspired by my fellow peers to see what further changes we can adopt to make genuine change across the food and beverage sector.

I have been conscious of the effect our industry has on the environment and have taken steps in both my restaurants to lessen our impact where we can. I am excited to be part of Food Made Good HK, as it supports all foodservice in operating more sustainably, and working together to reduce our impact on the environment and generate social good.



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