This provides foodservice businesses with a manageable means of understanding, reviewing and acting on the issues that matter. Ten key areas of sustainability are divided under three pillars – Sourcing, Society and Environment, reflecting the need to focus on the food that’s sourced and served as well as the impact that it has on the people growing, rearing, cooking and serving it, as well, of course, the planet.


The rating is the key tool for assessing how successfully a business is addressing the ten key areas of the sustainability framework and for tracking their progress and that of the industry. Once a member completes the online self-assessment, a percentage score is calculated and this is then, for those businesses achieving the requisite thresholds, one, two or three stars. This provides businesses with a third-party accreditation, demonstrating to customers, staff and other stakeholders, including potential investors, a credible assessment of commitment and execution of all things sustainable. Members are required to complete the rating at least every two years. 


Every year the Food Made Good Awards recognise and celebrate the individuals and businesses at the forefront of the sustainable food movement. Our first awards in Hong Kong took place in November 2020. The 10 categories, including one award for each of the ten key areas of the sustainability framework, provide the perfect platform for businesses to communicate the successful initiatives and innovative ideas they have implemented over the previous 12 months. Finalists’ submissions also offer inspiring examples for others in the industry to emulate.




A problem shared is a problem halved, or maybe even solved. The Food Made Good online community is a thriving space where businesses can connect to seek solutions for their sustainability challenges, share successes and communicate with like-minded individuals who are committed to meeting the same goals. Specific conversations and threads, alongside the portfolio of accompanying tools and resources, provide users with a genuine depth of support on their journey.


There’s no better way to learn about our framework and leading practices than from experts in the industry themselves. That’s exactly what we enable every month between January and October. All of our members kindly take turns in hosting, offering their delicious food and sharing their sustainability stories. Importantly, we have plenty of time to share ideas and learnings as well as network amongst fellow sustainability-minded businesses.


We actively update our members with the latest foodservice sustainability news, bringing them a round up of the sector in Hong Kong and around the world. In addition to sharing news, we also support our members to highlight their own sustainability achievements, partly with the Star Ratings that can be achieved and partly by working up opportunities with our range of media partners.



Our bank of toolkits and resources help our members break down complex subjects with easily digestible and actionable guidance. Spanning across our framework, we have built up a library of resources that help guide you along your sustainability journey. The toolkits are localised for the Hong Kong market, and are easily shareable across your business in order to upskill and train different team members.