We inspire others by shining a spotlight on our member foodservice providers. They share knowledge, inspire change, and empower their peers to make better choices that will, in turn, have a positive impact on the wider food system and, ultimately, the food on our plate.


Plant-based Restaurant Group
  We’re not on the planet for business, we’re in business for the planet. MANA! pioneered the plant-based fast-casual market since 2012, serving plant-based whole-food, served fast, in an eco-friendly & responsible manner, packaged & ready to go. MANA! is known for its original “flat”- wholesome zaatar flatbread topped with customer’s choice from 30 toppings & wrapped in compostable paper. MANA! currently operates 3 branches in Hong Kong – MANA! Central, MANA! Poho, and MANA! Starstreet – with more local and international locations planned. MANA! has consistently received industry, media and consumer accolades, most recently Best Green Eats, Best Lunch Spot, and Best Plant-Based Restaurant.
Planet-friendly burger menu
  We love hamburgers more than anything else in the world. While our passion for burgers is unparalleled, we also care deeply about the environment. As a business, we’ve made it our goal to work towards a greener, healthier and more sustainable menu as well as supporting and sponsoring environmental protection campaigns. Leaves & Liberty is our sustainable, vegetarian, vegan and plant-based sister brand highlighted through different menu items in Hong Kong & Shanghai, including The Impossible™ burger, where we were the official launch partners in Hong Kong in 2018. As of December 2018, the Deliveroo Food Market on 58 High Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong, is Leaves & Liberty’s first brick and mortar outside our restaurants.
Cafe and Retail

SpiceBox Organics is a boutique USDA National Organic Program certified organic food store and café, and a socially conscious company that specializes in the sourcing and distribution of high quality food that is healthy, environmentally friendly and tasty. Located in Mid-Levels and Kennedy Town, SpiceBox Organics offers over 1000 products, freshly prepared grab & go meals, and full service café counters. Known as Hong Kong’s one-stop-shop for all organic pantry needs and more, the company’s mission “the conscious choice” aims to inspire and educate the local community on making better food choices.

Eco-friendly pizza

PizzaExpress is really proud of its pizzas, its love for music and supporting meaningful causes in the community. Since 1965 the restaurants have been serving hand-crafted pizzas made with the freshest ingredients. Each pizza is made to order by skilled Pizzaiolos (pizza chefs).  Beautiful pizza served in a socially-responsible and creative environment; this truly is ‘Pizza in Style’.

Contemporary French Cuisine

Restaurant Petrus, Island Shangri-La’s flagship contemporary French restaurant, commands spectacular views of world-famous Victoria Harbour. Hotel’s Executive Chef Uwe Opocenky applies his signature culinary techniques with exclusively sourced ingredients and seasonal organic flavours to offer an engaging dining experience plated and served in his innovative presentation. Petrus boasts one of Asia’s largest wine cellars that features a premium Château Pétrus collection and extensive vintages from well-known and exclusive chateaux.

Vegan but More

Treehouse is a vegan restaurant that serves platters, burgers, wraps and more made from a lush variety of vegetables that create a unique palate experience through their colour, flavour and texture. It has successfully made its place in Hong Kong through their high quality dishes. What takes their mission towards sustainability one step further is their holistic approach embedding sustainability into everything they do. They collaborate with FoodLink, an NGO that directs surplus food to the needy and with the Eden restoration projects they work to plant more trees.

Plant-based cafe

Kind Kitchen is the newest F&B concept of the popular plant-based retail and deli chain Green Common. It is a 100% vegan full-service restaurant at Nan Fung Place in Central. It features a brand new menu that highlights international dishes like vegan dan dan meen, vegan pizza, Hong Kong local dishes and features a dedicated vegan children’s menu. Beyond Burger, JUST Egg and many other plant-based products debut here first in Asia. Kind Kitchen is a welcome addition to Hong Kong’s healthy, veg-forward dining scene with a tasty comfort menu of Asian favourites and Western classics.

1-Michelin Star Modern European Cuisine

Arcane is multi-award winning chef Shane Osborn’s first solo venture in Hong Kong. The one-Michelin starred restaurant delivers the finest quality modern European cuisine presented in six starters, six mains and five desserts, alongside specials and set business lunches.  With the same dedication, passion and attention to detail that earned him his multiple awards and Michelin Stars, Osborn delivers top-quality dishes using the finest of ingredients. Arcane was one of the first fine dining restaurants to offer a vegetarian menu and vegan dishes are a regular highlight for guests.

Modern bistro serving fresh produce

Located in the heart of bustling Soho that is 49 Hollywood Road, Cornerstone debuted in 2019 as a modern bistro championing the best of quality ingredients in a vibrant and relaxed setting.  Cornerstone offers all-day dining and serves dishes that encapsulate Chef Osborn’s style of harnessing unique flavours with simplicity at its core. Showcasing both local and international high-quality produce executed through modest cooking techniques is paramount to the restaurant. Cornerstone also selects a unique wine list of almost 50 bottles showcasing special grape varieties from lesser-known regions such as China and Uruguay, making for a more interesting pairing.

2 Michelin Star Restaurant

Ushering in a new approach to fine dining, Culinary Director Richard Ekkebus of Amber dispenses with artifice to present nuanced, nourishing flavours and dishes that are sublime in their subtlety.  Richard has forged a style of his own with intuition and passion, drawing inspiration from around the world and celebrating exquisite ingredients with pure flavours and meticulous presentation. Respectful of tradition yet dedicated to innovation. Amber is committed to exploring solutions to minimize waste, reduce single-use plastics and limit our carbon footprint. As well as implementing a sustainable sourcing policy, Amber seeks the very best natural, nourishing and traceable ingredients.

Eco-friendly cafe

When Classified launched in 2006, its founders wanted to create a new dining concept in Hong Kong. Rather than open Classified in a character-free mall, the intention was to revive street-level interaction and neighbourhood sociability. Opening on Hollywood Road in Sheung Wan, many questioned whether a European-styled café could survive in a traditional Chinese area. But Hong Kongers showed they had an appetite for homemade artisanal food. Locals embraced the authentic style, contemporary design and wide selection of boutique wines, gourmet coffees, specialty cheeses and handmade breads. Serious about cheese, Classified broke new ground providing a walk-in cheese room, allowing locals to make their selections from within a temperature-controlled environment.

Vegan-friendly restaurant

Offering an exceptional dining experience above the bustle of the city, Alibi is a modern stylish restaurant and bar where you can enjoy bespoke cocktails and creative shared plates with influences from Asia and Europe. It’s where good food and good company intertwine.

Sustainable Bedouin cusine

BEDU takes inspiration from the nomadic wanderings of the Bedouin tribes across the deserts of North Africa to the rocky sands of the Middle East.

This cozy Middle Eastern restaurant & bar located in Central Hong Kong showcases the region’s diverse street food culture. From a semi-open kitchen, plates of unapologetically bold spices perfectly balancing spicy and sour alongside smoky notes and flavours from the grill make their way to the bar counter or into the main dining area. The adjoining bar produces refreshingly complementary tipples. This is a menu designed for sharing and is our interpretation of a journey through the stomach of a modern day Bedouin adapting to the seasons of their travels.

All-day Kitchen & Bar

Nestled in the slopes of Central’s Peel Street, you’ll find MAMMA ALWAYS SAID, a laid-back all-day-dining and drinking spot that celebrates casual restaurants around the world – cafés, bistros, tapas bars, trattorias. Our global menu includes baked goods, cold drip coffee, cocktails, salads, sandwiches, pastas and larger plates for sharing to take you from early til’ late.

There’s also MAMMA’S GROCERY, small pockets of retail space welcoming the homecrafts of local artisan suppliers, fresh fruit and veg (farmer’s market style) spices blends and secret pasta sauce recipes just like MAMMA made.

Grab a fork, pour the wine, tell MAMMA about your day.

Sustainable Japanese-Brazilian cuisine

Uma Nota is a modern boteco, which in Brazil is traditionally known as a meeting place for those looking for a refreshing drink and good street food in a fun, easy-going setting.

Nestled at the corner of Hollywood Road and Peel Street, the Brazilian Japanese restaurant & bar brings São Paulo’s Nipo-Brasileiro street food and cocktails to Soho.

Offering a unique twist to a long heritage of Japanese migration to Brazil, the restaurant has adapted a menu to include local ingredients featuring dishes that combine Japanese cooking techniques with fresh, authentic and unique São Paulo flavours.

Uma Nota is unpretentious, open-minded, and lively. This is reflected in its design, its food, its drinks and its vibe; playing music that is a mix of both old school and modern Brazilian, Latin and International beats.

Making healthy hip

Locofama serves delicious organic bites and dishes all day. Offering food that is at its nutritional and palatable peak, we are dedicated to providing options to support a healthier lifestyle, and we work closely with Hong Kong’s local farms to source “clean” fruits and vegetables free of pesticides and chemicals.

Designed with the health conscious in mind, our menu has options for every diner, including vegan, dairy-free, nut-free, and pescetarian dishes, and swappable options like gluten-free pasta. In response to just one of the most popular food fads – the “paleo diet” we also serve carb-free dishes, with full flavor, but minus the calories.

Urban farming meets Chinese comfort cuisine

SOHOFAMA raises awareness for healthier living; serving good, chemical-free food, locally grown ingredients which support the community, and organic ingredients to support the body. Drawing on Chinese tradition, we created seasonal herbal soup selections, designed to suit a range of wellness needs of the urban dweller. Our menu is carefully balanced to reflect both the old and the new with some dishes reflecting childhood favorites, while others celebrate the multiculturalism of today’s HK society in dishes. We use freshly grown herbs for taste and slow-cooked chicken broth to fully enhance flavours, with no MSG or chicken powder.

Circular system restaurant

Haoma is Thailand’s first urban farm and zero-waste restaurant in the heart of Bangkok. Guided by our philosophy “Grow to Give Back,” everything we do is aimed at regenerating our ecosystem, food and community. With a firm anti-pesticide, no antibiotics policy, we use seasonal, home-grown ingredients, supplemented by fresh produce sourced from farmers, breeders and fishermen in the vicinity of Bangkok, getting the best local organic Thai ingredients, most of it grown at partner farms and monitored personally by our chefs. At Haoma, a Neo Indian restaurant, we insist on finding a harmonious balance between innovative gastronomy and sustainable practices. Our restaurant is run on rainwater harvesting and we grow more than 40 variants of plants, herbs and edible flowers on site, raise 2000 fish in an aquaoponic system and recycle all solid waste into fish food and compost.

Epicurean cuisine inspired by nature


Fivelements Habitat in Hong Kong features a rich collection of holistic practices aimed at fostering self-exploration, wellbeing, as well as mental and physical health. Complemented by its delicious plant-based cuisine, Fivelements Habitat’s Sakti Elixir serves up healthy vegan-friendly, gluten- and dairy-free dishes. Chef Arnaud Hauchon, who also oversees the award-winning Sakti Dining Room at the brand’s flagship Fivelements Retreat Bali, applies a farm-to-table approach with the aim to offer Hong Kongers the healthiest, freshest and seasonal cuisine with much attention to detail. Furthermore, the wellness haven also offers a wide range of sacred arts and yoga classes, tea ceremonies, workshops, spa treatments and wellness rituals.

American grill and smokehouse

With roaring wood-fired ovens, a blazing charcoal grill and impressive meat locker displays, Henry welcomes guests to his smokehouse – Rosewood’s homage to time-honoured customs of old-school butchery and signature Texan barbeque traditions. The handsome space boasts a clubby, polished modern aesthetic to match the robust, meat-centric offerings from veteran British chef Nathan Green. A corner of the restaurant is devoted to Henry’s smokehouse and butcher shop, revealing dry-aged responsibly sourced heritage breeds, homemade terrines, artisanal sausages and more for the meat-loving gourmand.

Health conscious and sustainable cuisine

The 120-seat Asaya Kitchen showcases a vibrant new dining concept, serving wholesome, health-conscious fare that respects responsible sourcing from the sea as well as careful cultivation of the soil. Helmed by Executive Chef Renaud Marin, Asaya Kitchen champions an artful Mediterranean and healthy Japanese diet-inspired menu that focuses on seasonal ingredients sourced from local farmers, fisheries and artisans, prepared in a light, clean style. Designed to be a social space, the main dining area gives the feel of an expansive home kitchen, leading out to the dynamic al fresco Poolside Bar with stellar views over the outdoor infinity pool and harbour.

Casual all-day dining

Accessed by a distinctive bird’s nest-style staircase that leads up to the 1st floor of EAST Hong Kong, the casual all-day dining restaurant FEAST (Food by EAST) serves international cuisine and authentic specialties of Asia, always staying true to its philosophy of “simple things, done well”. Here, you can enjoy a great selection of delicious comfort foods, from a tasty breakfast and lunch to a relaxing dinner.


Private chef

@ho_la_ho_sik is the Instagram account of Christopher Ho, where he shares his creations and the chefs and restaurants that have inspired him during his travels. A highly accomplished young home chef, Christopher’s creations are influenced by both Chinese and Western cultures and he incorporates local flavours and concepts into playful Western dishes that pay tribute to Hong Kong. He has connected with chefs around the world and has jumped at the chance to work with them, such as Eric Räty of Arbor (Michelin 2 star), Eelke Plasmeijer of Locavore (Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2016-2019), and Ben Spalding (previously from The Fat Duck and The Ledbury). Harnessing his thirst for knowledge and mastery of the culinary arts, Christopher is the type of chef whose immense talents have earned a chance to shine on the grandest of culinary stages.

Private member’s club

Founded in 1883, the Ladies’ Recreation Club is a private member’s club located in the heart of Hong Kong. With five-star sporting and dining facilities and outstanding service, the Club offers its members a place to gather, socialise and enjoy an array of activities for their families and guests. With members of many nationalities and ages, the LRC continues to be one of the most sought after family oriented sports and recreation clubs in Hong Kong. Today, there are approximately 5000 members.

Hotel group

Experience a world full of wonder at Ovolo Hotels. Welcome to a playful, distinctive, daring family of contemporary boutique hotels across Australia, Hong Kong, and Bali designed for the modern traveller. Brimming with character, each hotel is a uniquely rich experience, full of eye-catching art and vibrant interiors. Immerse yourself in bars and restaurants bursting with flavour, and rooms boasting the very latest in hotel tech. From 1 October 2020, Ovolo Hotels celebrated “Year of the Veg” where they pledged to go fully vegetarian for a year, bringing customers the boldest and most forward thinking cuisine across the group’s restaurants, bars, and in-room dining.

Sustainability Hub and Cafe

Visit our newly renovated Central Visitor Centre! Located adjacent to the Central Peak Tram station, the Central Visitor Centre is our sustainable-lifestyle hub for those who want to learn more about our work in person. Visit our exhibition space featuring in-depth information about our current conservation work.

Our renovated centre features an expanded Panda Shop, which showcases the latest collection of eco-products, and don’t forget to visit our cafe on the ground floor!

Healthy Fast Casual Dining

When it comes down to healthy eating, everyone has an opinion. Living in a culinary capital like Hong Kong, we understand the difficulties in finding healthy and well-balanced meals that is not only tasty, but also reasonably priced. At Fete Up, all our meal portions consist of a good combination of carbohydrates, protein and fats that are important for maintaining good health and help us feel our best.

Contemporary Chinese cuisine

Mott 32 is a multi-award winning Chinese restaurant, with locations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Las Vegas and Vancouver. Renowned for its signature approach to regional Chinese cuisine, the menu is characterised by time-honoured recipes handed down from generations, prepared using progressive cooking techniques and premium ingredients. Paired with an exceptional mixology programme and a stunning ambience designed by award-winning interior designer Joyce Wang, Mott 32 represents modern Hong Kong as well as a new chapter of Chinese dining. Named after the famed convenience store on 32 Mott Street in New York, the restaurant captures the dynamism of NYC’s vibrant Chinatown and the bravery of its immigrants. It is a restaurant that embodies the Chinese culture and philosophy that has been shaped from generation-to-generation.

Fine-dining Authentic Italian Cuisine

Modern and spacious yet rustic and intricate, Assaggio Trattoria Italiana offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience of Italian cuisine alongside a stunning view of the Victoria Harbour. Each dish is prepared with care and authenticity to transport you to Italy with one plate. Each ingredient – be it a drop of olive oil, hand-rolled pasta, assorted Italian herbs – is selected with an emphasis on freshness and high-quality. Its modern style infuses different influences, serving a wholesome yet refreshing dish per plate. The rustic space is designed for people to not only eat in comfort but enjoy a hearty meal with family and friends just as typical Italians do.

Cantonese Culinary Experience

Cuisine Cuisine explores intricate Cantonese cuisine through its Chef’s signature 36 different cooking methods. These methods are mastered to not only serve time-honored Cantonese dishes but also present seasonal ingredients in their best and rich form. Experience elegant dining with vibrant views of the Victoria Harbour from their IFC outlet and fine-wine from the Tsim Sha Tsui outlet at The Mira Hong Kong offering verdant views of the Kowloon Park. This “tycoon canteen” aims to preserve culinary traditions while ensuring a classy and exquisite ambience.

Unique and Sustainably Flame-cooked Dishes

This unique restaurant reimagines the world of flavour through its signature flame cooking style. Enjoy urban classics through a modern and unparalleled dining experience, with an encapsulating ambience of Victoria Harbour and friendly service – perfect for simple family dining or celebrations and corporate meet-ups. Striving to serve exquisite yet sustainable food is their core mission and is evident in their business. From deploying energy-friendly kitchen appliances to a scrumptious vegetarian menu and seafood options, Flame at Towngas Avenue aims to holistically drive its business and dining towards a much-needed greener horizon.

Extraordinary and Environment-friendly Fine Dining

Fusing French fine dining with the intricate and expansive South American Cuisine, Mono offers an unparalleled seasonal tasting menu curated by Chef Ricardo. His mastery and creativity allow each dish to present a variety of unique textures and flavours as he changes menus with the seasons. Mono not only aims to deliver its mesmerizing menus but equally emphasises sustainability. Not only do they use recyclable packaging, but the interiors are also designed using recycled material. MONO further addresses social responsibility by partnering with Blossom Minds, a Hong Kong-based florist which offers employment opportunities for young adults with special needs.

Tea and Cocktail Fusion Bar

 Tell Camellia brings an immersive bar experience of blended tea and cocktails, one-of-a-kind in Hong Kong. This modern style blends timeless flavours and experimental techniques to serve a contemporary and memorable bar experience. They carefully source their teas to capture a variety of tea-producing countries and ensure a rich and authentic experience of their tea-drinking traditions. The co – founders come from an exceptional international and awarded background of bar and cocktail specialists that aim to expand their unique expertise. Bartenders recently completed a Pernod Ricard Bar World of Tomorrow training course on operating sustainable bars.

Gourmet Flame Cookery Education

With well-equipped facilities, dedicated instructors and an acclaimed reputation, Towngas Cooking Centre teaches gourmet and flame cooking to people of all ages. They strive for inclusivity by involving chefs and recipes from the world over and work towards narrowing the generation gap through their parent/grandparent and child workshops and classes. Additionally, they have meaningful collaborations with other organisations and charities to promote awareness on culinary themes, health and cultures.

Seasonal and Traditional Chinese Cooking

Classic, hand-crafted and elegant, Tsui Hang Village serves authentic Guangzhou and local cuisine with the aim to promote and preserve local cooking traditions and recipes. As one of the few places to serve traditional Shunde and Hakka-style dishes, this restaurant prominently features seasonal selections on their menus with an emphasis on carefully selecting ingredients for freshness. They aim to be a restaurant with frequent regulars coming back to enjoy Chinese cooking alongside a harmonious and tranquil atmosphere. It strives for inclusivity amongst its customers by housing Hong Kong movers and shakers as well as top celebrities.

Experiential Outdoor Lounge Bar

Secluded within the courtyard terrace of The Mira Hong Kong with running waterways, bamboo groves, open-air, and fire pits, Vibes is a terrestrial escape for customers wanting to kick-back and enjoy laid-back DJ tunes worlds away from the hustle and bustle of Tsim Sha Tsui. They serve signature cocktails inspired with tiki culture to highlight seasonal fruits and fresh tropical flavours, along with original bar bites that encourage sharing and positive community vibes.

Innovative French-Japanese Cooking with Seasonal Produce

This exclusive dining experience infuses two contrasting cuisines, Japanese and French, to offer a world of new flavours and textures in creative omakase menus curated by Chef Oliver Li who meticulously selects premium ingredients from Japan and France, emphasising their freshness and simplicity through craft cooking techniques, such as kobujime, ikejime and fermentation. The Chef’s personal journey to Fukuoka’s farms and markets has allowed a source of fresh and unique ingredients available in season. The ambient space awash with natural light opens up to the green terrace lounge on one side and offers a stunning view of Kowloon Park on the other.

International Buffet from freshly sourced ingredients

Award-winning restaurant of The Mira renowned for thematic buffets, Yamm serves up an extensive choice of Japanese, Chinese, Southeast Asian, Indian and Western cuisines in an ambient yet sophisticated interior. They not only showcase different cuisines but also seasonal produce through their buffet themes rotating regularly. They source their range of mouthwatering ingredients from high-quality sources, making the buffet experience an extraordinary dining of quality, rather than quantity. Selected meats and seafood prepared in small portions a la minute at the exciting live cooking stations further their focus on freshness and enhance the experience through engagement between chefs and diners.



Aerobic digestor

ORCA Asia is a distributor of a Canadian food waste management technology, headquartered in Hong Kong representing Totally Green. Our food waste digestors, which come in four sizes, use aerobic digestion to turn between 7kg to 45kg of organic waste per hour over a 24-hour period into an environmentally-responsible effluent. Our technology and service provide customers economic, operational, government compliance and sustainability benefits over traditional landfill disposal, composting or other food waste processing methods. With over 500 clients worldwide trusting the ORCA technology, ORCA Asia brings this smart solution to food waste to the Southeast Asian region to be part of the movement to solve the problem of unsustainable food waste management.

Rapid fish DNA analysis

Spidfier is a lab-in-a-box machine that is capable of rapid fish DNA analysis to combat fish fraud and promote fish Sustainability. From a small 2mm sample, Spidfier can determine 1. Fish Identity 2. Fish Origin (even for migratory species) 3. Fish Freshness 4. Pathogen detection 5. evidence for short weighting. By empowering wholesalers and end consumers with the tools to test fish products for fish fraud, we hope to curb the practice, bringing transparency to the seafood industry and improve fish sustainability and conservation efforts. With Spidfier, enjoying seafood becomes a guilt-free experience.

Organic smallholder farmers

Founded in 2018 under a social enterprise business model to support and promote smallholder farmers, Lyfegreen now delivers farm-to-door a selection of more than 200 varieties of fresh organic produce seasonally throughout the year.  Every Lyfegreen organic selection box contains hand-selected items from the top 1% of the harvest. Everything is certified organic or grown sustainably using 100% organic methods by a network of carefully curated partner farms in Taiwan, Asia’s kingdom of fruit & veggies. Freshness, Quality, People and Diversity is at the heart of what we do – our mission is to help protect the fading biodiversity in our world while supporting our sustainable farmers in real and practical ways.

Soilable: Paper Straw Reinvented

Soilable is a HK brand developing products balancing convenience, user experience and sustainability. Paper straw is our initial project. We have reinvented paper straws with modern materials and technology (patent-pending). Soilable paper straws can satisfy today’s dining requirements on usage time and comfort, e.g. usable for 3 hours without being soggy. More importantly, they are designed to fulfill current and even future sustainability demands, e.g. lower carbon footprint, recycling, and composting. Soilable product range includes: standard drinking straws (7mm), hot drink stirrer straws (2mm), and bubble tea straws (12mm).

Premier Food Distributor

Founded in 2002, Waves Pacific Limited is one of Hong Kong’s premier food distributors. The company sources its imported products solely from the highest calibre of suppliers. Many of our meat and gourmet products originate from farms and producers which do not use hormones or antibiotics and who practice environmentally sustainable production methods. Waves Pacific is also an ISO 2200 certified food factory in which we can help create value added products. Our facility is outfitted with modern processing equipment that can produce fresh minced meats, fillet fish, and portioned meats from boneless and bone in product. Our processing and storage facility are located on the same premise to insure greater traceability.


Social Enterprise

Amidst the Covid-19 upheaval in 2020, Agnes Chin (director of Complete Deelite) partnered up with Jo Soo-Tang, an NGO advisor and fellow cooking aficionado, to create Cookie Smiles. Born with a mission to support the disadvantaged, and to satisfy the world with the greatest comfort food ever – the cookie. The cookie collection is designed to delight both children and adults alike. Only the finest ingredients are selected to bake handcrafted delicious cookies delivered directly to you. Cookie Smiles is a social enterprise under the Edible Artists Global Academy Association, whose purpose is to help support charities via fundraising, offer training opportunities for the disadvantaged and provide jobs for the physically impaired.

Tech for Good

Circular City is a social enterprise that is developing “tech for good” to make Hong Kong a better place to live, work and play without causing damage to people or the planet.

We entail three key principles in our business:
Circular Economy – Find the value in our waste
Social Enterprise – Build the value in our people
Smart City – Develop tech to create positive change

Our current project, “Recycling Rewards”, aims to find a solution to the recovery of plastic waste, such as take out containers, through an incentivisation model, where users can convert their collected recyclables into discounts at our partner businesses. Join us as a rewards partner and be a part of the race to zero waste.

Wholesale local fish

The Fish Processing Centre was established in 2005 with a mission to promote premium local fisheries products through establishing a contemporary brand of the FMO – “Quality Produce”. The centre develops and supplies premium fisheries products, such as dried, salted and processed fisheries products to various customers including restaurants, supermarkets, hotels and institutions like aged people’s homes.

Sustainable single-use packaging

Sustainabl. is a Hong Kong based designer and supplier of home compostable, high quality and cost effective single use packaging, aiming to responsibly reduce single-use plastics, reducing landfill and carbon and water consumption. They provide solutions for all businesses globally, in particular the food & beverage and hospitality sectors and large corporates, and also helps their clients to meet their Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility (ECSR) goals. Their single use products are 100% natural & organic, biodegradable, chemical free and vegan & gluten free.

Smart vertical farm

Sustenir Agriculture is a smart vertical farm that grows 100% clean and highly nutritious produce at the heart of the demand in local cities, ensuring ultimate freshness. Growing non-native varieties such as kale and strawberries all-year round regardless of climate eliminates dependence on imported produce, which makes Sustenir’s products socially and environmentally responsible. With a vision to grow a resilient future rooted in doing good for people and planet, they build smart farms in local cities to minimise carbon footprint whilst supporting local communities.

Plant-based food delivery

At La Taula, we take you on a sensuous culinary journey into plant-based cuisine where culinary art meets ultimate nutrition. 

Our commitment is to share a range of prepared and perfectly presented gourmet fayre to your table. Food at your convenience that is perfect for entertaining and for an indulgent treat.

La Taula’s product range consists of vegan cheese, unbaked crackers, and sweet sensations. As we work to minimize packaging we deliver our food in beautiful ceramic dishes that can be served directly to your table. 

Our founder and raw plant-based chef Kanch, also runs Masalas and Olives where she hosts supper clubs, private dinners and consulting.

New Zealand-based food distributor

Eat The Kiwi was launched in 2015.  We are a Hong Kong distributor focused on high-quality New Zealand goodness. We supply over 230 restaurants, hotels and private clubs across Hong Kong and Macau. We also work with Hong Kong’s supermarkets, large and small. 2 years ago we launched our home delivery retail platform and are now one of Hong Kong’s leading online grocers. Eat The Kiwi is more than a distributor. Our partners are New Zealand’s top food producers – we work closely with them to both sell and market their brands with a goal of long term growth and brand establishment in Hong Kong.

Sustainable rice brand

Rice Inc is an award-winning sustainable rice brand. Championed by the UN and Nobel Peace Prize Winners, they are leading the movement towards a more sustainable rice industry.

Rice is the leading crop contributing to climate change because a lot of it that’s grown is wasted. 300 billion meals of rice are wasted annually because most rice farmers can’t afford efficient farming equipment.

Rice Inc supports rice farmers around the world to grow more sustainably by reinvesting profits, to get better equipment in the hands of farmers to reduce wastage. With every bag sold, the same amount of rice is saved from being wasted.

Natural skincare brand

ZeroYet100 is founded on the principle that natural is better. Our products are formulated with ingredients derived from nature with potent innate properties. Thus, nothing toxic yet totally effective.

Our line is free of nasties (i.e. toxic and harmful chemicals) and our ingredient list is transparent and pure. The all-natural products are formulated at our workshop in Hong Kong and personally tested by our co-founders, Anita Patel and Sheetal Avlani, to achieve a more, if not the most, effective product in it’s range. The handcrafted products are then housed in recyclable or up-cyclable packaging and labeled with only lamination and plastic-free paper product stickers.

Sustainable water supplier

At Belu we believe that something as simple as water can make a difference to some of the local and global challenges we face. 

We’re a business and social enterprise that puts the environment first and give 100% of our net profit to WaterAid, the leading water charity, to help transform lives with clean water worldwide. To date, we’ve donated over £5 million.

We’re excited to launch the Belu Filter Initiative in Hong Kong in 2021, to help your hospitality community serve beautifully chilled filtered water that has a greater purpose. 

We’re delighted to join the Food Made Community Hong Kong, and invite you to join us – choose Belu as your water filtration partner and improve your member rating, or please help us get to know some of the people in the Hong Kong community who care about sustainability so that together we can create a greater impact.

The Belu Filter Initiative won Product of the Year at the UK’s Food Made Good Awards 2019.

Local Eco Farm


Flow Farm & Sanctuary is a family-run eco farm and animal sanctuary located in Zhongshan, Greater Bay Area. Flow Farm cultivates over 150 varieties of highly nutritious and organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. Inspired by the UN’s sustainable development goals, Flow operates a circular, zero-waste food production system, capturing rainwater for irrigation and composting organic waste to create rich fertilizers.  Visitors can also enjoy true farm-to-table experiences from planting heirloom seeds to plucking fresh tomatoes off the vines and preparing plant-based feasts together. 


Want to work with us? Or be a partner? Get in touch and tell us where your sustainability passions lie.