How has Food Made Good helped businesses operate more sustainably? 

“Food Made Good hosted an interactive, bilingual workshop on food sustainability for HKUST’s F&B outlets. FMG’s team was able to present wide and complex topic areas in digestible parts to our participants, which was very helpful and made the workshop both educational and accessible. Heidi & the team were positive, professional, and energetic.Food Made Good’s framework is the only one of its kind to offer a holistic viewpoint on how food outlets can operate sustainably.”

Davis Bookhart

Senior Manager and Head, HKUST Sustainability Unit

“Food Made Good provides us a framework for the food industry with manageable means of understanding (the issues).”

Watch Richard explain why Food Made Good is great for the sector

Richard Ekkebus


Culinary Director, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

“Ask, inspire, and connect is exactly what Food Made Good is about and it’s exactly what the World Wildlife Fund believes in .”

Watch Peter explain why Food Made Good is great for the sector

Peter Cornthwaite

CEO, World Wildlife Fund Hong Kong

“For us be part of Food Made Good, I think is a very important step in Asia, I know what have they done in Europe and around the world. It’s a great network of like-minded people to be able to share and come up with ideas as a collective group of individuals to work together for the future.”

Watch Uwe explain why Food Made Good is great for the sector

Uwe Opocensky

Executive Chef, Island Shangri-la Hotel

“I have a lot of respect for Food Make Good from the UK, I’ve been following what they’re doing, so it’s good to see them operating here in HK. I think together we form a good partnership to inspire change and raise awareness in our community.”

Watch Bobsy explain why Food Made Good is great for the sector

Bobsy Gaia

Founder, MANA!

“A positive effect of being part of Food Made Good is they have incredible resources for the industry professionals focused on sustainability to talk to and reach out to.”

Watch Neil explain why Food Made Good is great for the sector

Neil Tomes

Group Development Chef,

The Greater China Restaurant Company Ltd.

“Green Media is a content platform sharing news and stories about how to live a more sustainable life and everything Food Made Good is doing.”

Watch Sonalie explain why Food Made Good is great for the sector

Sonalie Figueiras

Founder, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, Green Queen Media

I’m looking forward to seeing the support we can get to lobby the government to be able to have more restaurant on board and with that scale to be able to do more sustainable choices and improve systems.

Watch Christian explain why Food Made Good is great for the sector

Christian Mongendre

Founder & Director, Treehouse

“Food Made Good’s impact is not just in the way that it helps chefs operate more sustainably within their own restaurants, but also in the way that they act as ambassadors and advocates, demonstrating what’s possible and influencing their staff, peers and customers.”

Nick Jeffries

Project Manager Food Initiative and Case Studies, Ellen Macarthur Foundation

“The problems facing our food system are urgent and complex. The choices we make around the food we grow, cook, serve and eat have enormous consequences for the natural world. All those involved in serving food to the public therefore have a huge opportunity to make a positive difference. Food Made Good is a fantastic vehicle for helping us move towards a better food future by bringing the industry together, challenging it to do more and sharing inspiring successes.”

Paul Newnham

Director, SDG2 Advocacy Hub


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