Members Awards 2022

Sourcing Award

Our winner is: TABLE by

Sandy Keung

Chef and owner Sandy educated her team to prioritise locally-caught seafood and sustainably-grown vegetables. Fresh produce sourced from local hydroponic and Guangdong farms was introduced to the menu where its benefits were highlighted – encouraging customers to try and enjoy.


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Society Award

Our winner is: Clean
This female-owned café & laundrette ensures employees are treated with respect and paid a decent living wage. Staff are trained to care about customers and identify any special needs such as food allergies. Clean also regularly provides free drinks to elderly residents living nearby.

Environment Award

Our winner is: Zoku

Restaurant & The Terrace

Recognising that food waste is a major contributor to local landfills, the hotel installed an ORCA food waste recycling system for its Zoku restaurant. This has greatly reduced both food waste disposal costs and carbon emissions.

Business of the Year

Our winner is: Amber –

The Landmark Mandarin

Oriental Hotel, Hong


The team at Amber made extraordinary efforts to reduce the restaurant’s carbon footprint and make its operations greener. From implementing robust sustainable seafood policies to championing a healthy eating ethos to supporting the community and encouraging staff to do philanthropic work, their commitment was unflagging.

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Supplier of the Year Award

Our winner is: Nordaq
Bottled watercomes with high environmental costs. By empowering Hong Kong F&B providers to create and bottle their own premium water on site, Nordaq’s filtered water solution eliminates the need for millions of single-use bottles.

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Industry Awards

One Planet Plate Award

Our winner is: Aulis

Hong Kong

Dish name: Ora King Salmon with Turnip, Barbecued Lettuce & Scallop Garum
Chefs: Choi Ming Fai & Oli Marlow

Local ingredients and fermentation techniques are used in Ora King Salmon with Turnip, Barbecued Lettuce & Scallop Garum, a delicious and sustainable dish. The acidity of the local produce cuts through the fatty salmon, while the leftover scallop trimmings are fermented to make a garum that gives extra umami.

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Good to Go Award

Our winner is: Mott 32
The surge in food packaging waste during Covid led MOTT 32 to switch to compostable and biodegradable packaging for its takeaway orders. Numerous options were tested before they settled on the optimal paper containers to cover every dish.

Open right

Our winner is: Kin Food


The menu at KIN Food Halls offers various plant-based choices. All seafood is certified sustainable and takeaway food comes in 100% home-compostable packaging. They also operate a low-waste procurement process while a bespoke food-ordering app enables customers to pre-order for collection.

Innovation Award

Our winner is: Breer
Breer uses some of the 3,600 tonnes of leftover bread that goes into Hong Kong landfills daily to brew their Breer Pale Ale! They’ve also partnered with Pizza Hut to make the ‘world’s first pizza crust beer’, and Maxim’s to turn its surplus bread into BOB (short for ‘Beer of Bread’).

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People’s choice

Our winner is: Treehouse

Serving delicious dishes made from a lush variety of vegetables, this vegan restaurant embeds sustainability into everything they do. A big congrats to founder Christian for your second Food Made Good HK award. You’ll soon be entering our Hall of Fame!

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