Congratulations to the outstanding businesses of 2020

Members Awards

Sourcing Award

Our winner is: Haoma

Guided by their philosophy ‘grow to give back’, Haoma are sustainable sourcing pioneers and an inspiration to others. They have installed their own hydroponic farm on site which utilises food waste to cycle back nutrients to the soil, as well as an aquaponics system that uses recycled rainwater to grow over 20 varieties of plants, herbs and edible flowers for use in their restaurant. Traceability of ingredients is crucial, with some grown on-site and the majority grown on their own organic farm. Bangkok-based Haoma is our first overseas member.

Society Award


Our winner is: Sohofama

Sohofama are our society superstars. They are committed to promoting healthy eating and living by delivering wellness pop-ups, as well as letting sustainably-minded exhibitors run stalls at their location, host art exhibitions and use the space as a community venue for sustainability meetups.

Environment Award

Amber logo

Our winner is: Amber

Earlier this year, Amber won the Sustainable Restaurant Award at Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2020,  so it is great to now have their achievements recognised on home soil. Amber have made excellent strides in reducing their waste output, with ongoing targets monitored, including eliminating all single-use plastics by the end of 2020. Amber also have innovative practices in place such as upcycling abalone and scallop shells into buttons and art.

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Food Made Good
Business of the Year

Spicebox Organics

SpiceBox Organics are our all-around sustainability champion and we praise many of their practices, including sourcing predominantly plant proteins, such as legumes and pulses, as well as organic milk, and cage free eggs in their female-run kitchen. Importantly, Punam and her team are passionate about sharing their story and values, and have undertaken this by developing a bespoke training deck to educate their staff on organic certification, wellness, health and other cooking topics. SpiceBox Organics are also very conscientious about packaging and are an ambitious business, continually striving for more sustainable products as well as committing to reduce their food waste by 50% this year.

Industry Awards

One Planet Plate Award

Spicebox Organics

Our winner is: MANA!

MANA! are well-deserving winners of this award by producing a dish that aligns with not one but four of the categories. The dish showcases the importance of cooking with pulses, which are great for soil health acting as a carbon sequester. Additionally, the dish is affordable, and cleverly meets the One Planet Plate criteria of have a lower carbon footprint, feature more veg, waste no food, celebrate local and seasonal, is easy to replicate at home and is, of course, nutritious and delicious!

One Planet Plate

Good to Go Award

Our winner is: Fete Up

Fete Up implements many sustainable sourcing practices, such as developing a menu focused on healthy, well-balanced, plant-forward ingredients including a drinks menu of just nut-milks. Additionally, their nutritious dishes not only have a rich variety of colours but are designed around bio-availability, boosting nutrition absorption. Fete Up are also environmentally conscious as the site does not use cooking gas and sets targets to reduce their waste, energy and water.

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Landlord Choice Award

Our winner is: Treehouse

Treehouse is on top of conscious eating trends and have a wide selection of local and healthy food, with a predominantly plant-based menu. Aside from sourcing sustainably, Treehouse advocates for sustainable waste management, and encourages customers to return their packaging which they upcycle into compost for local Hong Kong farmers and growers.

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