Food Made Good Business of the year

The Business of the Year is awarded to the Food Made Good Member who has excelled in their Sustainability Rating. This Member demonstrates true innovation across all three (Sourcing, Society and Environment) pillars, and is a leading example of how sustainability practices can be implemented in a holistic manner across their business.

This award is open to all Food Made Good Members.

Sourcing Award

This award goes to the business which has shone in the Sourcing pillar of the rating and pushed the boundaries of sourcing models. The Member has scored consistently highly across each of the four key areas, these include offering a range of local and seasonal produce, serving high welfare meat, sustainable fish, and ethically sourced products that support global farmers.

This award is open to all Food Made Good Members.

Society Award

This award goes to the business which has excelled in the Society pillar of the rating. The Member demonstrates how to support their staff, customers and community and showcases their true social responsibility and how they are a progressive business.

This award is open to all Food Made Good Members.

Environment Award

This award goes to the business which has demonstrated exceptionally high scores in the Environment pillar of the rating. The winning business has implemented effective practices across all environmental areas which include valuing natural resources, supply chain and waste management practices.

This award is sponsored by WWF-Hong Kong and is open to all Food Made Good Members


One Planet Plate Award

This award looks to identify and celebrate planet-friendly dishes and chefs’ recipes for a sustainable food future. One Planet Plate had its Hong Kong launch this year, a campaign dedicated to helping diners eat their way to beating the biggest challenge on the planet – climate change. The judges looked for the dish submitted by a chef that 
i) had the biggest impact on one of the six categories: feature more veg, include better meat, celebrate local and seasonal, have a lower carbon footprint, source fish sustainably, waste no food
 ii) must be easy to replicate at home 
iii) must be delicious and nutritious

This award is open to all restaurants in HK who have submitted an entry to oneplanetplate.org. The award is open to both Members and non-Members. 

Good to Go Award

This category showcases operators that prove you don’t have to ditch principles when serving takeaway food. Deliveries are usually associated with excessive plastic packaging that harms the environment.  The winner will need to lead by example to motivate the larger community to not only take measures to lessen their environmental impact but also demonstrate wider innovative practices that span across our framework.

This award is open to three entrants selected by the sponsor and Food Made Good. The award is open to both Members and non-Members, but they have to be associated with the sponsor.

Landlord Choice Award

This category highlights the commitments that landlords across Hong Kong are making to support their tenants in integrating sustainability into their operations. Landlords in our network, in Hong Kong, are invited to nominate up to 6 F&B tenants to apply. The winning business is the one which has achieved the highest score in our Food Made Good 50 rating, meaning, ethical sourcing, social responsibility and environmental management are all crucial.

This award is kindly sponsored by Henderson Land Development and open to tenants from a number of landlords across Hong Kong by the completion of a Food Made Good 50 rating.

Judging Methodology

There are a total of seven awards. Four awards are available to the Members and three are open to both Members and Non-Members. The Awards judging was based on a mix of methodologies, dependent on the category. 

The four Member Awards (Business of the Year, Sourcing, Society, Environment) were based predominantly on the results from the completion of the rigorous Food Made Good Sustainability Star Ratings during the 2019/2020 rating cycle. In addition to the high scores, evidence of outstanding innovation and influence also play a role in establishing the winner, decided by the Food Made Good Hong Kong and Global teams.

The industry awards, (Good To Go, One Planet Planet, and Landlord Choice) were judged with a predetermined criteria against relevant themes. Judging panels consist of Food Made Good staff, Advisory Board and Sponsor representatives.

For the purpose of fair competition, awards are capped at two nominations.

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