Food waste is estimated to cost the EU €143 billion per year and is responsible for 15% of all GHG emissions associated with the food supply chain. Following the recent publication of the EU’s Farm to Fork Strategy, WRAP and WWF have published a report detailing the progress made so far on food waste, as well as providing clear guidance for governments, industry, researchers and NGOs on how to reach the target of halving food loss and waste by 2030. Findings indicate that there has been progress but that it has so far been too slow. Identifying actions that have the greatest potential for accelerating progress towards targets, the report highlights that food waste measurement, valorisation and voluntary agreements have so far been insufficiently applied in the EU. As one of the report’s authors states, reducing food waste is a no brainer but the current system is “leaky”. Engaging all actors within the food system is essential to stop those leaks.

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