Latest directions issued by the SFH in accordance with the Regulation

The Secretary for Food and Health (SFH) now issues the following directions through notice in the Gazette in accordance with the Regulation. The directions will commence at March 28 at 6pm for a period of 14 days (i.e. till 5.59pm on April 11). Details of the directions are set out below:

the Secretary for Food and Health (SFH) will extend the measures under the Prevention and Control of Disease (Requirements and Directions) (Business and Premises) Regulation (the Regulation) (Cap. 599F) and the Prevention and Control of Disease (Prohibition on Group Gathering) Regulation (Cap. 599G) by two weeks. At the same time, the requirements on regulating catering business will be streamlined.

      In accordance with Cap. 599F and Cap. 599G, the SFH has issued the latest directions through notices in the Gazette today (April 21) to:
(1) suspend the requirement for the number of customers in catering business premises at any one time to not exceed 50 per cent of the normal seating capacity of the premises; and
(2) extend all other implemented requirements regarding catering business, scheduled premises and prohibition of group gathering by 14 days to be effective from 0.00am on April 24, 2020, till May 7, 2020.

A spokesperson for the Food and Health Bureau reminded the persons responsible for carrying on catering business and the managers of scheduled premises that contravening the above requirements would be a criminal offence. Offenders are subject to a maximum fine of $50,000 and imprisonment for six months. 

For more details, please refer to the following press release from the Hong Kong Government.