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More temporary closures and GATHERING BANS

Hong Kong has imposed its toughest social-distancing rules yet, announcing an unprecedented ban on private gatherings of more than two families, as well as the closure of more public venues, including houses of worship.

Here are the latest updates:

  • Public gatherings limited to two people in public places from the period 10th February to 13th February. The requirement is also applicable to group gatherings in catering business and schedules premises regulated under Cap. 599F in which the relevant requirements or restrictions are not compiled with.
  • New “vaccine pass” scheme expanded to cover shopping malls, department stores, supermarkets, wet markets and eateries.
  • Hair salons and religious venues will be closed temporarily until the vaccine pass is launched on February 24, when the situation will be reviewed.
  • To support residents affected by the stringent curbs, Lam announced a sixth round of anti-epidemic relief funding totalling HK$26 billion. To be approved by lawmakers next Tuesday.
  • Fixed penalty of HK$10,000 for failing to comply with mandatory testing orders.
  • All restaurants except for so-called Type D ones will also be limited to two diners per table. Type D restaurants – where all staff are fully vaccinated and patrons must have received at least one jab – will be capped at four people per table, instead of the current six.

The last time Hong Kong imposed such strict limits on gatherings was back in July 2020.

The news of the impending restrictions came as Hong Kong was expecting to confirm 625 new coronavirus infections on Tuesday, breaking the record for highest daily case count for the third consecutive day, according to a medical source.

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Source: SCMP