ZERO IMPACT became a Food Made Good member in late 2021. Since then, we’ve spoken regularly with its director, Federico Galimberti at our monthly meet-ups and other events. We wanted to learn more about the company and how their products contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.


The Swiss family that’s advancing sustainability

ZERO IMPACT doesn’t manufacture the actual detergents. Rather, it is the sole distributor for Sutter S.p.A.’s sustainable detergent range. The Sutter company is still run by the same family who founded it in 1858 in Thurgau, Switzerland (not far from Lake Constance). Tasked with expanding their export business, the third generation of the Sutter family selected Northern Italy for a new facility because it has the closest port to their headquarters. Fast forward to 2014 and the 6th generation of the family (under Mr. Aldo Sutter) decided to use their decades of experience to launch a fully-biodegradable range of detergents.

In 2015, the family unveiled its ZERO NATURAL FORCE sub-brand, a select range of eco-friendly detergents produced solely from fruit and vegetable compounds. This makes them fully-biodegradable and hypoallergenic. The objective was to sell effective cleaning products that allow people to live in clean, safe spaces without harming their health or polluting the environment.

Shouldn’t professional cleaning products be both effective and environmentally-friendly?
Zero Impact took up this challenge.


Winning over the Hong Kong market

After almost three years in the HK market, ZERO IMPACT is having success with a number of major operators who are switching to its professional detergents. As Hong Kong’s shift toward sustainability gathers momentum, the brand is focusing on the message that its detergents, which are ECOLABEL certified, are the safest on the market. Being fully biodegradable, anything discarded won’t negatively impact the environment. And as they don’t cause allergies in humans or pets, everyone using a  building cleaned with ZERO NATURAL FORCE products is protected. 

ZERO IMPACT is eager to win over the large developers with multiple buildings in their portfolios – buildings that need to be cleaned daily. The company is in constant communication with the cleaning companies supporting these building owners – who ultimately are the ones purchasing and using ZERO IMPACT products.

Education facilities (primary, secondary and tertiary) are another big user of professional detergents. Several important institutions here are currently using ZERO IMPACT and the company is seeking to expand in this area.

Lastly and perhaps most important are restaurants and hotels. This group was among the most heavily impacted by COVID-19. Brands and outlets who strongly connect with sustainability are obviously a natural fit for ZERO IMPACT.  

All Zero Impact products are biodegradable and packaged with recycled plastic.



A unique range that no other brand can match

Though they have several competitors, none offer a full detergent range that’s certified by ECOLABEL. According to Federico Galimberti, “By full range, I mean the pH spectrum – the acid detergents (with a pH of 1 or thereabouts) that are needed in bathrooms or areas where lots of water is used. From mild alkaline detergents for everyday use on floors and kitchens to strong alkaline ones for deep cleaning oil and fat deposits. Other brands can supply some basic cleaning products. But none can match Sutter S.p.A.’s historical know-how in both consumer and professional detergents. This is ZERO IMPACT’s advantage and we’re here to support customers in Hong Kong.”

Made from 100% natural materials, they are safe for users and the environment.



How Membership is opening new doors

ZERO IMPACT was naturally drawn to Food Made Good HK which they see as promoting the skills and knowledge to both improve food quality standards and sustainability. Said Federico,


“We’re expanding the concept of sustainability by providing eco-friendly tools to restaurants that want to raise the bar. Hong Kong’s thriving F&B community doesn’t lack entrepreneurs wanting to bring high-quality new concepts to market. Membership of Food Made Good has provided a superb platform for ZERO IMPACT to meet like-minded people and share our sustainable professional detergents.”


To learn more about ZERO IMPACT and to start your eco-friendly detergent journey, head to their
website here.