For our second annual Food Made Good HK Awards – the only F&B Awards in HK that focuses on sustainability – brings together local F&B businesses who are showcasing their achievements over the past year. The Awards were made possible by our Lead Sponsor, Henderson Land Group – a pioneer in spearheading initiatives aimed at supporting F&B outlets and tenants in their ongoing sustainability journeys.

Many submissions elegantly demonstrate how sustainable practices and lifestyles can directly benefit society. Highlighting the best sustainable practices in the hospitality sector, our Awards provide a platform to recognise successful initiatives and innovative ideas. By celebrating local chefs, F&B owners, managers, and suppliers from companies at the forefront of the food revolution – we hope to influence the wider foodservice industry and food systems. 

We’re thrilled by the number of submissions this year that champion innovative and sustainable endeavours in Hong Kong – there’s even one in Bangkok. Here are some of them and a few behind-the-scenes glimpses of our Food Made Good Awards 2021.

Recognising innovations that make food good

Now more than ever, we must shift our business strategy towards more transparent and low- impact supply chains. With accelerating climate change and ever-growing populations, we need to embrace more sustainable and healthy food consumption patterns. Hong Kong is a dynamic, innovative city. And our Members have shown great ingenuity and resourcefulness in modifying their business practices to keep pace with growing consumer awareness of climate change.

Many Members are also incorporating sustainability into how they manage their staff and customers, and to achieve positive social impact. These range from closely monitoring the mental and physical wellness of employees, to keeping more detailed SOPs when purchasing ingredients.

 In creating the Awards categories, we’ve sought to fully address our 10 key focus areas. These categories showcase those businesses who are finding solutions to solve sustainable issues plaguing the F&B industry, such as a lack of compostable cling film, plastic bag alternatives for takeaways, and finding credible ethically-sound suppliers. 

There are 10 categories in which participants could apply. Three finalists were then chosen in each category, narrowing down the search for a winner. We asked the applicants in each category to think about what they’ve changed most in their business over the last 12 months. Having decided on where they had made the most impact, participants then had to submit a form that answered specific questions about their operations.

These submissions really stand out

Mono’s submission was especially impressive. Chef Ricardo Chaneton has been transporting patrons to Latin America without racking up mileage reward points. He does this by sourcing high quality, Latin American ingredients locally such as chillies and cacao to keep the cultural heritage of each dish alive. To make the final round, our finalists had to put sustainability at the heart of their business. 

The nominations for this year’s Environment Award have been outstanding with the three finalists really blowing us away! Here’s a flavour of what to expect, The Ladies Recreation Club (LRC) has worked tirelessly over the last 12 months to install over 60 solar panels, a new water filtration system by Nordaq to reduce plastic and glass waste, and an ORCA machine to minimise the amount of food waste headed to local landfills. 

MANA!, a long-established Hong Kong institution led by Bobsy Gaia. Bobsy has been championing “Diet Change Not Climate Change” through serving delicious food combined with a commitment to zero food waste and zero plastic usage. 

Through its Save Our Shells initiative, Alibi – Wine Dine Be Social, has helped reduce stress on our overflowing landfills by returning spent oyster shells to the ocean. 

These are just a few of our Member restaurants that are integrating sustainability into every day operations in a way that’s enjoyable and accessible to all. 

Feel free to explore the detailed list of categories at this link. You can see what sets our Finalists apart from other F&B outlets.  Hopefully you’ll be inspired to try out some of these restaurants – if you haven’t already done so.

How did we judge the Awards?

On September 29th, the judges and FMG team met for a whole day to select the winners in each category. LRC kindly hosted us all as we deliberated, supplying coffee and delicious snacks that helped us make some hard decisions. There were many lively discussions with the judges to determine the winners. After careful consideration – and using the Member’s Sustainability Rating and answers provided on the Awards Submission Form – we finally decided on our 10 winners. Their names will be revealed during the ceremony where they will receive their awards. 

The big night!

We’re thrilled to hold our second Awards Ceremony on November 24th-watch this space. The FMG team has been working flat out to put on a spectacular event. Given the calibre of the finalists and guest list, it promises to be fantastic! Following the awards ceremony, guests can converse and relax over sustainable cocktails. This event is a really exciting occasion for the Food Made Good community, and it’s vital that we recognize all those who are helping the city develop and maintain sustainable practices. 

A big thank you to our sponsors! Without your generous support, this event would not be possible. See you on the night of the 24th!




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