The Hong Kong Government has announced the following new social distancing measures for restaurants/caterers and bars, which will come into effect starting 00:00 15th July 2020 and will last for a period of 7 days until 21 July 2020.


Here is the summary below:


1) Distance of tables will still be kept 1.5metres apart (or with use of some form of dividers between tables)
2) Capacity of diners at each premises must not exceed 50% of original capacity
3) Only 4 diners can be seated at each table
4) No dine-in will be allowed from 6pm – 4:59am each night. Only take-away will be allowed
5) Live performances and dancing is not allowed on premesis

Bars and pubs
1) Bars and pubs that mainly sell alcohol must be closed

Please see below for the formal announcement:

Catering business

(1) On catering business, the number of customers at any catering premises at any one time must not exceed 50 per cent of the normal seating capacity of the premises. No more than 4 persons may be seated together at one table within any catering premises.

(2) From 6pm to 4.59am of the subsequent day, save for specific premises (i.e. premises set out in Schedule 1 to Cap. 599F, such as hospitals, residential care homes, treatment centres, boarding schools, premises controlled or managed by the Government, and certain catering business designated by the Chief Secretary for Administration in accordance with Section 5 of the Regulation), a person responsible for carrying on a catering business must cease selling or supplying food or drink for consumption on the premises of the business; and close any premises, or part of the premises, on which food or drink is sold or supplied by the business for consumption on the premises. The premises concerned may still sell or supply food and/or drink for takeaway services and deliveries.

(3) Any premises (commonly known as bar or pub) that is exclusively or mainly used for the sale or supply of intoxicating liquors as defined in section 53(1) of the Dutiable Commodities Ordinance (Cap. 109) (intoxicating liquors) for consumption in that premises must be closed. Any part of a catering premises that is exclusively or mainly used for the sale or supply of intoxicating liquors for consumption in that part must be closed.

(4) Live performance and dancing must not be allowed in any catering premises. All karaoke and mahjong-tin kau activities carried on at any catering premises must also be suspended.  Other requirements and restrictions in relation to catering business premises will be maintained.


The above requirements in respect of catering business and scheduled premises will take effect from July 15, 2020 to July 21, 2020, for a period of seven days.

For more details, please refer to the following
press release from the Hong Kong Government.