The government will relax social distancing measures based on the vaccine bubble concept, effective from June 24.

Rules for Type A, B, C and D restaurants

Type A and B: Existing requirements and restrictions will be maintained. 

Type C: Catering businesses will be relaxed to 75% seating capacity. 

Type D: Vaccination requirements for customers will be lowered to two thirds of the people at the same table having received the first dose of COVID-19. 

Maximum number of customers will be relaxed to 100% of the normal seating capacity. Maximum number of customers at the same table increased to 12 and the maximum number of banquet participants increased to 180.

Live performances may be allowed at Type D and some other premises if the performers have received the first jab and wear masks during the performance. Fully vaccinated performers in theme parks can be exempted from wearing masks at outdoor performances. 


Rules for bars and pubs 

Bars and pubs with ALL staff being fully vaccinated for 14 days may operate from 5am-3.59am on the subsequent day. They will be allowed to operate at 100% capacity with the maximum number of customers allowed on each table increased to eight. 


Rules for fitness centers 

Participants of a training group/fitness center can be exempted from wearing masks during exercise if ALL has been fully vaccinated and adequate distance is maintained between each other. 

The maximum number of people allowed in swimming pools will be 50% of capacity, and 100% if ALL staff and customers have been fully vaccinated. 


Please click here for the full announcement via the government webpage