These are our allies in creating a better food system


Our official launch partner. Current projects include partnering on i) several Sustainability Breakfasts Series topics including Forestry, Sustainable Fish, and Oceans. ii) One Planet Plate  – a campaign that allows restaurants to highlight their most sustainable dish by uploading a recipe to a global website, aiming to help diners choose more sustainable meals. iii)  Earth Hour, introduced by WWF to Hong Kong in 2009, a global movement that calls for action on climate change with millions of participants every year and last but not least iv) in a city where seafood is such a big part of our diet, WWF-HK is instrumental in raising awareness on sustainable seafood; you can find their sustainable seafood guide here.

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants annually ranks the world’s 50 best restaurants and bars. Introduced in 2013, the Sustainable Restaurant Award through the Food Made Good programme, recognises and rewards a restaurant within The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list that demonstrates the highest levels of environmental and social responsibility. Only restaurants in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants that complete the Food Made Good Sustainability Rating are considered for the award.

A constantly engaged talent platform that nurtures the future of gastronomy. In 2019, the S.Pellegrino Award for Social Responsibility was introduced, voted for by Food Made Good. This accolade has been assigned to the dishes that represent the principle that food is best when it is the result of sustainable practises. Rewarding those with novel approaches to sustainability, the judges for the Social Responsibility award looked at the impact of each dish in terms of climate change, biodiversity, food waste, resource use, nutrition, collaboration, advocacy and innovation.

Ellen Macarthur Foundation

“Food Made Good’s impact is not just in the way that it helps chefs operate more sustainably within their own restaurants, but also in the way that they act as ambassadors and advocates, demonstrating what’s possible and influencing their staff, peers and customers.” Nick Jeffries 

“The problems facing our food system are urgent and complex. The choices we make around the food we grow, cook, serve and eat have enormous consequences for the natural world. All those involved in serving food to the public therefore have a huge opportunity to make a positive difference. Food Made Good is a fantastic vehicle for helping us move towards a better food future by bringing the industry together, challenging it to do more and sharing inspiring successes.” Paul Newnham, Director of SDG2 Advocacy Hub

What does a sustainable food system look like for HK?

Excited to share that we are one of 79 Semi-Finalist Visionaries in the #FoodVision2050 Prize. Check out our Vision and the rest of the amazing Visions from around the world:

Fresh Accounting is a dynamic management accounting practice and consultancy with offices in Hong Kong & Singapore. We believe accountants should do more than just report on how your business is doing. We identify opportunities and strategies to improve your business and support businesses in improving performance and profitability. Our three core services are: Monthly accounting and payroll services; CFO and advisory services; Implementation of cloud-based accounting solutions powered by Xero.


ETHYK is your online tool to finding sustainable and ethical businesses. Designed to allow users to find certified sustainable businesses on websites they already go to like Deliveroo or Expedia, with ETHYK you can find over 10,000+ sustainable businesses in 100+ countries. ETHYK works with partners like Food Made Good HK + UK, Green Key, B Corp and so many more!


Henderson Land Group is working with Food Made Good HK demonstrating their leadership in tenant engagement and sustainability. Our partnership started in 2020 when Henderson Land Group were the lead sponsor of the Food Made Good HK Awards, and this evolved in 2021 with sustainability support to their F&B outlets. The bespoke programme involves Sustainability 101 training, membership sponsorship, and Food Made Good HK conducting a bespoke audit to identify areas for improvement. Benchmarking the cohort allows Henderson Land Group to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their F&B tenants, and implement identified improvements.

Informa Markets is Asia’s largest event organiser for F&B. We created credible news content and moderated a panel talk for their first Singapore all-digital event. We delivered a series of 6 stories aligned to the UN day which was then syndicated across the new platform and wider network. Their online event Food and Hotel week attracted over 4000 sign-ups across Asia. 

For Natural and Organic Asia in Hong Kong, Informa Markets have engaged us to curate panel talks and to do a stage take over as well as run a ‘Sustainability Pavilion’ engaging visitors on sustainability talks, vetting suppliers of sustainable brands including sustainable Rum, and giving credibility to the sustainability aspect of the conference.

Sustainability has always been Hysan’s core value, and we are committed to operating our business in a responsible way and benefit the community as a whole. As the Sponsor of Food Made Good’s One Planet Plate workshops, Hysan teams up with our F&B tenants to bring positive impact and change the way shoppers and communities interact with food. Together we work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and creating a better food future.

Food Made Good HK is working with Pernod Ricard to deliver ‘A Bar World of Tomorrow’, Pernod Ricard’s global sustainability training programme for bartenders. The joint project has been localised for a Hong Kong audience and enables bartenders to learn about the impact they can have on everything from fresh ingredient use to the responsible serving of alcohol, as well as waste management.


HKUST wanted to engage their F&B tenants on sustainability beyond the siloed efforts of food waste management and reducing plastics, focusing on a more holistic framework.  A bilingual scoping workshop was delivered to educate and inspire their tenants to take action. Quick analysis from pre-workshop surveys captured baseline data to give a snapshot of current practices. The next phase led to the design of a bespoke audit for the campus which could be piloted across other Hong Kong universities. Findings will lead into the 2026 sustainability strategy.


Food Made Good works with the Fish Marketing Organization bringing to life sustainability stories from across the local seafood sector. We have been commissioned to deliver a communications project, exploring themes from traceability to local sourcing and labelling in order to raise awareness amongst both Hong Kong consumers and businesses.

Partner of artisans of flavour since 1922, pioneer and reference in the world of chocolate, Valrhona today is driven by its mission to ensure that “Together, good becomes better”. Since January 2020, Valrhona is a B CorpTM certified company. By meeting the highest social and environmental standards of this label, Valrhona is today part of a community of leading companies use business as a force of good. As their official sustainability partner, Food Made Good is working with Valrhona to develop a sustainability framework and a practical guide for chefs working in sweet gastronomy, to launch in May 2021.

Jardine Restaurant Group is looking to set out a sustainability strategy that will be fit for purpose. We supported them in scoping out opportunities with the development of a refreshed sustainability strategy, which addresses the most pertinent challenges in the foodservice sector in a leading way. Our work thus far has included the upskilling of the Sustainability Council members, the delivery of a Future Vision workshop, Sustainable Menu Design, Sustainable Supply Chain Standards. 


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