By Andrea Tan

A sunny and welcoming Food Made Good Sustainability Market was hosted at The American Club Tai Tam last Saturday, in collaboration with Cookie Smiles. Food enthusiasts explored sustainable food produce and tasty food creations, set out in the sunshine across a variety of food stalls located on the South Lawn of The American Club. It was the perfect opportunity for family club members and food sustainability enthusiasts to come together in support of sustainable local businesses in Hong Kong, while Food Made Good Hong Kong Members took the chance to showcase their products to the community! 

Food Made Good HK Members were able to showcase their products to the community! 

Hotdogs and burrito bites were served up by Food Made Good Member TiNDLE and their partner Coco-nuts, for poolside loungers and young families curious to experience plant-based meat. Spicebox Organics drew both loyal customers and new faces to their stall showcasing a sample of the socially conscious USDA certified products they distribute, including their bestselling granola, laddus and organic tea.

Photo: TiNDLE Foods 

Photo: Eat The Kiwi

Innovative food waste app Phenix by OnTheList, helps HK F&B companies turn surplus food into new food opportunities; a positive initiative to share with our South Lawn guests who welcomed the message that by using the app “nothing goes to waste”. Closeby, Food Made Good member Beams Coffee addressed the need for planet-conscious coffee by celebrating quality artisanal coffee made with health-conscious mushrooms in Hong Kong’s first ever 100% Compostable Nespresso® compatible capsules. Sea Change Hong Kong charmed the crowd with some free testers from their selection of wines! We welcomed yet another eco-consciousness brand, this time serving lightweight glass bottles with renewable plant based closures and wine label paper made from spent grape waste, left over from the winemaking process. Needless to say, the conventional plastic wrap found on corks is left out, changing conventions in celebration of sustainability. 

Photo by: Phenix by OntheList

Eat The Kiwi, a sustainable online grocery store distributing fresh, high quality New Zealand products straight from the farm, showcased their cage-free eggs as an example of outdoor, consciously raised, antibiotic and hormone-free eggs; sustainably farmed and sourced directly from suppliers to ensure freshness and fair prices! Several major restaurants and hotels in the region are already fans, including Curtice Brothers – a new addition to the Food Made Good family!

Photo: Sustenir Agriculture (Left) and Beams Coffee (Right)

Free soilable paper straws were up for grabs to demonstrate how durable the reinvented paper straw can be,  by withstanding both hot and cold drinks for more than six hours thanks to modern materials and new technologies. 

Photo: Workshop by AquaGreen presented by Roanne Lo

Plus, two Food Made Good Members and leading Hong Kong based hydroponic farms Sustenir Agriculture and AquaGreen, demonstrated how hydroponic produce is great for the environment due to its vastly low carbon emissions. Since it is also pandemic resistant and water and space efficient method of food growing, it makes for a more environmentally conscious, productive and time-efficient supply chain. Sustenir Agriculture generously gave out packs of fresh tuscan and curly kale to guests, while AquaGreen treated us to a workshop, inviting participants to use fresh salad greens to make panini sandwiches.

Photo: One Planet Plate workshop presented by Chef Sheldon Fonseca from the Miramar Group 

One Planet Plate – White radish and clam soup workshop by Chef Sheldon Fonseca from The Miramar Group

Furthermore, members of the American Club had the privilege of attending a sustainable white radish and clam soup workshop, led by our Member Chef Sheldon Fonseca of The Miramar Group. Using fresh ingredients such as locally sourced little-neck clams, white radish, ginger and thyme, the soup was a flavourful delight! Chef Sheldon’s culinary forays are unparalleled – the pickled radish and the floral notes of the saffron added a refreshing zest to the creamy clam soup. 

Chef Sheldon also piqued the interest of our younger audience and received keen questions from children asking where and how certain ingredients were obtained. It was great to see how values such as the importance of fresh and seasonal foods and quality local sourcing could inspire the younger generations! Events such as these play an important role in making big community steps towards a positive future for our planet. Thanks again to all the Food Made Good Members who joined us and a big thank you to Cookie Smiles and The American Club Foundation for helping us put together this amazing opportunity!