Circular system restaurant

Haoma is Thailand’s first urban farm and zero-waste restaurant in the heart of Bangkok. Guided by our philosophy “Grow to Give Back,” everything we do is aimed at regenerating our ecosystem, food and community. With a firm anti-pesticide, no antibiotics policy, we use seasonal, home-grown ingredients, supplemented by fresh produce sourced from farmers, breeders and fishermen in the vicinity of Bangkok, getting the best local organic Thai ingredients, most of it grown at partner farms and monitored personally by our chefs. At Haoma, a Neo Indian restaurant, we insist on finding a harmonious balance between innovative gastronomy and sustainable practices. Our restaurant is run on rainwater harvesting and we grow more than 40 variants of plants, herbs and edible flowers on site, raise 2000 fish in an aquaoponic system and recycle all solid waste into fish food and compost.