A Food Made Good Network Event In partnership with Hysan and WWF-Hong Kong



To help chefs find inspiration for sustainable recipes, Food Made Good Hong Kong is partnering with Hysan and WWF-Hong Kong to launch One Planet Plate in Hong Kong through a series of six workshops, each on the theme of one of the six criteria for a One Planet Plate recipe.

The themes are:

1) Feature more veg

2) Include better meat

3) Celebrate local & seasonal

4) Have a lower carbon footprint

5) Source fish sustainably

6) Waste no food.


Workshop Schedule

opp workshop


12 chefs – 6 themes

For each workshop, we have invited a different chef from our network to challenge their creative juices on a specific pressing sustainability theme and inspire them to show us their sustainable special through a cooking demo.

Product Development Manager, PizzaExpress Hong Kong

Sophia Cheng

Sophia joined PizzaExpress in 2001 after leaving college, drawn by an enticing advert which promised a trip to the UK (the original home of PizzaExpress) for employee training.  Almost 20 years on with a string of promotions and numerous journeys around the world under her belt, Sophia now spends each and every day responsible for the creation of the absolute best Italian cuisine in town!

Co-Founder, Flow Farm and Sanctuary

Justine Kwok

In 2013, Justine co-founded the Flow Farm and Sanctuary Eco Farm and Animal Sanctuary (Zhongshan, China), a haven where humans, animals and nature thrive on love, respect and harmony. Justine is committed to leading a healthy, compassionate and sustainable lifestyle by advocating a plant-based diet and organic farming at the Flow Farm and Sanctuary.   

Uwe Opocensky

One Planet Plate Ambassador
Executive Chef, Island Shangri-La 

Uwe Opocensky

Uwe oversees daily kitchen operations of Island Shangri-La Hong Kong and spearheads the culinary direction of Restaurant Petrus, the hotel’s acclaimed contemporary French restaurant.

Uwe brings with him over 33 years of experience as a chef and in managing some of the very best kitchen brigades around the world.  He is responsible for the culinary offerings and daily operations of the hotel’s eight outstanding restaurants and bar.

Richard Ekkebus


Richard Ekkebus

Dutch-born chef Richard began his career in the industry as an apprentice under Michelin-starred chefs in the Netherlands and won the prestigious Golden Chefs Hat for ‘Young Chef of the Year’ at the age of 18. Since 2005, Richard has been the Culinary Director at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental and Executive Chef of Amber, a fine dining restaurant that was awarded the Sustainable Restaurant Award by Asia’s 50 Best in 2020.

Founder, SpiceBox Organics

Punam Chopra

Punam is the founder of SpiceBox Organics. She began her career in the health and fitness industry over 20 years ago, teaching aerobics and running a women’s health center in India, working in sports management in Canada, and teaching and studying yoga in New York City.

In 2006, Punam became a holistic health counselor certified by the Integrative Institute of Nutrition, New York. Punam’s belief in the philosophy of nutrition and diet coupled with a holistic approach to health has led to the development of SpiceBox Organics

Private Chef

Christopher Ho

Christopher is the first ever amateur chef to be invited to Test Kitchen, but his resume cooking with chefs from locations including Hong Kong’s Arbor and Bali’s Locavore clearly affirm his considerable culinary talent despite his lack of traditional culinary training. Brought up in Hong Kong, but having spent almost 10 years studying in the UK, Christopher’s creations reflect his upbringing and are influenced by both Chinese and Western culture. He incorporates local Chinese flavours and ingredients into his creations while another key influence is Japanese cuisine and the quality of Japanese produce.

Richard Ekkebus

Co-Founder of Complete Deelite, Founder & President of EAGAA and Co-Founder of Cookie Smiles

Agnes Chin

A native of Sarawak, Borneo, developing food related products and innovating different ways to engage with the general public has been her passion since her youth, a trait she owes to her late mother.

Agnes Chin has always been a person of adventure with a keen sense of always looking out for a true purpose in all that she endeavors in life.  Her latest foray with Jo Soo-Tang in birthing “Cookies Smiles” has been a seed, that has long been waiting to be planted

Richard Ekkebus

President, Hong Kong Bakery and Confectionary Association

Louisa Ho

In a moment of transition towards new possibilities of expression between the traditional Chinese and European influences, Louisa Ho is playing an important role in gearing up the evolution. Whether it is due to her institutional role as president of the guild of bakers of Hong Kong, or due to her long professional career, the path ahead that she has blazed is exercising considerable influence upon her compatriots in a pâtisserie that is being redefined.

What’s in it for participants?

In addition to gaining first-hand knowledge from a renowned chef, participants will also get an overview of the basic principles for designing a sustainable menu and an all-rounded understanding of how to integrate sustainability into your restaurant, including:

  • The environmental and health benefits of a sustainable dish
  • The characteristics of a sustainable dish
  • How to engage diners on the topic of sustainable dining in an accessible way
  • The basic requirements of a OPP and how to share it on the global platform
  • Insights from both local and international case studies


WWF-Hong Kong Central Visitor Centre

Suggested donation (all proceeds will go to WWF-Hong Kong):
Members/Partners: $450 (per workshop)

Deadline to sign up:
7th October 2020


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