The recent announcement of Michelin’s new Green Clover award, which will reward restaurants that focus on preserving resources, embracing biodiversity, reducing food waste and reducing consumption of non-renewable energy, had our mouth’s watering with environmental glee!

But sadly not for long. The last week has seen much controversy around the award after one of the winners, Christian Puglisi, from Danish restaurant, Relae, was a little curious about how he had been selected and did some further investigation.

It appears that the Michelin Guide has not adopted a robust screening or auditing process in order to bestow its new Green Clover, but instead a quick call to the restaurant to ask if they operate sustainably. We will let the fabulous Puglisi share his story here. In the meantime, it makes us appreciate all the more the vigorous and regularly updated process that Food Made Good has introduced for the World’s Best 50 Restaurants, so we are excited to see the announcements for the upcoming Sustainability Award for Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, coming up soon on 24 March.