At the same time as it celebrates the best of global gastronomy, the World’s 50 Best (which is assessed using Food Made Good Global’s sustainability rating) also recognises the significant role restaurants and bars can play in leading the movement towards a more sustainable way of living. The World’s 50 Best has identified some of the ways home cooks can become a better friend to the planet.

From making vegetables the star of the dish to re-assessing what you do with your food waste, this article details nine tips to help make home kitchens more sustainable and follow in the footsteps of some of the world’s leading chefs at the same time. Look out for some top gardening tips from Amber’s Richard Ekkebus, one of our advisory board and founding members!

Action! All our members can contribute to this ‘learning’ by adding their ‘One Planet Plate’ dish here to encourage people to cook more sustainably in their own homes.